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LWVCT - What additional changes can be made by the Comptroller's office to make State's revenues and expenditures more transparent to voters?
KL - One of my top priorities as state comptroller is to make Connecticut the most open and transparent state in the nation. Connecticut's financial information was once scattered and hidden across agencies, but is now immediately accessible and searchable through an online portal that I launched called OpenConnecticut. Due to that project, Connecticut is now ranked among the top five states in the nation for its efforts to make government information more open. This is great news, but by no means a finish line. We must always find new and better ways to bring people closer to government, which is why I successfully fought for a commitment from all of the state's quasi-public agencies to provide checkbook-level financial information to my office on a regular schedule to be posted on OpenConnecticut. And, in addition to state checkbook-level data, payroll, budget and revenue data, I am currently working on additional expansions to

Reprinted with the permission of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund, Inc.

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