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Harry Arora

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LWVCT - Immigration legislation has been stalled in Congress. Which initiatives would you support to deal with this issue?
HA - We truly need immigration reform + one that respects our values and allows us to attract the best and brightest as well as give refuge to those fleeing oppression. We need to have immigration laws which can be implemented fairly without making a mockery of the rule of law as is the case now + hard working immigrants with graduate degrees from US schools are being sent back while those who break laws are being advocated for. I would support an initiative for reforming immigration which balances between merit, work, refuge and family reunification.

LWVCT - Do you think the current gun control laws are adequate to ensure citizen safely? Please explain your position.
HA - Our objective for gun laws should be to ensure reduction or elimination of gun violence and acts of terrorism. The implementation of an effective universal background check is required and currently the implementation of the system is patchy and inadequate. We need to make sure that guns do not get into the wrong hands of criminals and those with mental health issues. More needs to be done there. We also need to work immediately to improve school security.

LWVCT - The US has withdrawn from several multi member international agreements. Do you favor renegotiations of these agreements and what conditions would you support?
HA - The US has withdrawn from international agreements which have served neither the US interest nor the larger public interest. The Paris Agreement with `variable unverifiable commitments', NAFTA with its loopholes and imbalance and JCPOA with its lack of longer term solution to Iran's nuclear weaponization all have one thing in common - these agreements were all done without respect for the US strength or US commitment to peace, climate and trade. Yes, I support renegotiation to reflect real progress and real solutions and which serve the American people and truly serve the global purpose.

Reprinted with the permission of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund, Inc.

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