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Bryan L LeClerc


Bryan L LeClerc

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LWVFF - What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidate for Judge of Probate?
BLL - I am the most qualified and experienced candidate for Judge of Probate. I have been an active, practicing attorney for over 30 years. During this time I have also been involved as a volunteer throughout Fairfield.

From coaching my children, to serving on the RTM and Town Plan & Zoning Commission, to being involved with Scouts, Fairfield University and the YMCA, I have provided advice and counsel to thousands.

I understand the issues and concerns of our residents, young and old. I help people with real problems, with compassion and commitment.

As a practicing attorney, Judge Caruso, a fellow Eagle Scout, called upon me to assist in some of his most difficult matters. He sought my trusted advice and counsel on behalf of children who lost parents, individuals for whom a conservator was sought, and in difficult estates.

The staff members of the Probate Court, including my opponent, are prohibited from giving legal advice, telling a person what to say in court, and even talking to the judge for you.

My legal and judicial experience, wide-spread community involvement and bi-partisan support makes me qualified to assume the duties of Probate Judge. These activities are discussed in more depth on my website. This is also why I have also been endorsed by the Independent Party.

Like Judge Caruso, I have lived my life serving others, and following the Scout Law- doing good for others and making our community better. That is why I became a lawyer, and the purpose for which I have dedicated my life and career- to help other people.

I have the skills, knowledge, compassion and commitment to serve as Judge of Probate, helping people during their most difficult times. This is what sets me apart, and is why I want to be your next Judge of Probate.

The question above has been created by the League of Women Voters of Fairfield.

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