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Ashley Gaudiano

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LWVFF - Do you support either in-person early voting and/or expanded use of absentee ballot (mail-in) voting? Why or why not?
AG - Yes. I support both in-person early voting and/or expanded use of absentee ballot voting. Fair, free, and accessible voting is central to our democracy. Expanding voting to encompass early or no-fault absentee ballot voting is proven to increase voter turnout. It also provides increased flexibility and convenience for voters, and reduces many of the hurdles one must clear to get to the polls, including transportation, leave from work, childcare, and more. If elected, I would champion legislation allowing early voting/expanded use of absentee ballot voting.

LWVFF - Will you sponsor or support legislation to require disclosure of campaign-related activities by PACs, SuperPACs, and other "dark money" organizations?
AG - Yes. The people of Connecticut deserve to know where PACs, SuperPACs, and other "dark money" organizations are spending money during the election. Full disclosure of campaign-related expenditures and expenditure caps should be required of those organizations that try to influence elections with "dark money."

LWVFF - Since all of the states that border CT now charge tolls or user fees for the use of their highways or bridges, should CT install electronic tolls? If so, how should that revenue be used?
AG - There is little doubt that we need to address our state's failing infrastructure -- everyone from the business community to our engineers agree with this. Simply borrowing money to pay for our state's failing infrastructure is unacceptable and irresponsible.

We have a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November 6 to create a "lockbox" for the Special Transportation Fund (STF)+a bill I would have supported as your State Representative. Before we consider revenue from a source like tolls, we need to prove to voters that the General Assembly will properly utilize taxpayer funds.

I do not think it's fair that other states charge Connecticut residents when we drive through their state, while we let out-of-state drivers get a free ride on our roads. However, the plans for tolls that have been proposed to date overburden Connecticut taxpayers in a moment where the constant refrain from residents is affordability. Any examination of tolls should be focused on charging out of state drivers and trucks for their use of our roads.

Let's stop politicizing an issue that may provide a solid source of revenue for our ailing infrastructure and instead have honest, transparent, bipartisan conversations that put the future of our state first, and re-election campaigns second.

LWVFF - If elected would you support establishing an independent citizens redistricting commission--similar to California's-- to draw legislative district lines after the next census? Would you support open meetings and public hearing by CT's redistricting commission?
AG - Yes. We do not need a legislative body to draw our state's districts. This is how we end up with the widespread issue of gerrymandering. Creating a lottery-based, independent citizens redistricting commission puts redistricting in the hands of voters. In theory, it should remove some of the political gamesmanship from entering our redistricting process. I would support open meetings and public hearings. By utilizing open meetings and public hearings, the commission would allow voters the opportunity to be engaged, and create a process that is transparent and accountable to the people of Connecticut.

The questions above have been created by the League of Women Voters of Fairfield.

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